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Welcome to Lango Foothills

At Lango your child will learn a new language, make developmental strides, explore other cultures and make friends. Our highly engaging language classes use music, games, art, and stories to teach kids new languages. We will be offering Spanish, French, and Mandarin classes at convenient locations throughout Glendale, La Cañada, La Crescenta, San Marino, Pasadena and South Pasadena!

If you are interested in learning more, please contact us today to learn more or Request more info here.

Why Learn Languages at a Young Age?

Children's language programs are rapidly gaining in popularity as parents realize that teaching a second language to their kids helps enhance their cognitive development, resulting in better grades and higher test scores later in life. Parents are also drawn to increasing their children's cultural awareness to help them succeed in our multi-cultural society.

At Lango, we agree that kids in the US are in severe need of quality language programs. But more important than the developmental edges that kids acquire when learning another language, is the simple value of exposure to other ways of communicating, understanding and ultimately living.

Of course, learning a language is a lifelong endeavor. Learners who start early are most likely to gain benefits ranging from cross-functional cognitive development to accent-free pronunciation. And learners who start early and then stick with language acquisition throughout their lives through classes, interaction with native speakers at home and travel to other countries are sure to achieve fluency and to reap its many rewards.

Make Developmental Strides

At Lango, you can expect your child to grow developmentally and cognitively, including improved problem solving and critical thinking skills and enhanced creativity. Studying a foreign language over and extended period of time has been shown to accelerate cognitive development, resulting in higher grades later in life in math and English, and even in higher SAT scores.

Gain an Appreciation for Other Cultures

Our teachers bring their passion for other lands and peoples to their classes. Lango students learn about the richness of other cultures, typically increasing their interest in speaking their new language. Depending on which language classes they take, our students may learn about folk music from Argentina, Spanish games, food from France or Chinese dance.

Make New Friends in the Classroom

Our engaging, interactive classes are ideal places for kids to make new friends. Students who learn a new language also learn the importance of being inquisitive, open and understanding of others, and Lango classmates often become great friends.







We are now enrolling for the fall classes. Enroll now to secure your child's spot in a fall class. Most classes star in late August or early September.


Armenian Classes Coming Soon!

We are proud to announce that Lango Foothills will soon be offering Armenian classes to reflect the vibrant culture that has left such an impact on the Glendale-Foothills community. Stay tuned for a demo classes coming soon! Classes will be offered for Toddlers and Preschoolers.

Demo 1: July 20 at 4pm:  Lutheran Church in the Foothills, 1700 Foothill Blvd in La Canada

Demo 2: August 27 at 10 am: Lutheran Church in the Foothills in La Canada 



It's easy, we just need a minimum of 6 kids to open up a new after school class!  We also offer Homework Clubs for Dual Immersion programs in Spanish, English, and other languages.  Email us or give us a call at 818 281 6288 and ask how we can bring Lango to your school, language club or to your house.



To register  for Lango classes in San Marino call 626-403-2200 or online at:  https://registration.sanmarinorec.org

Lango offers full immersion Spanish classes for children ages 5-8 years old,  on Tuesday and Thursday at Stoneman School. Fall classes run from September 13 to November 3.


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Different locations in Glendale, Pasadena, South Pasadena, La Canada, La Crescenta and San Marino