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Information for Campers in Dual immersion

Information for Campers in Dual Immersion Programs

We offer special weeks for students in Dual Language Immersion programs in Spanish, French, Italian,Mandarin or German. We even use counselors who are teachers at local dual immersion programs and both campers and counselors speak only in the target language. If you have questions or want to discuss your own personal situation or schedule, please feel free to call us at 818-281-6288. We love hearing from you!

Camp for Incoming Kinders: designed to prepare incoming Kinders entering the Spanish, French, German, Italian or Mandarin dual immersion programs. Campers will have fun learning basic vocabulary and survival phrases through music, games, storytelling, dance, art and other traditional summer camp activities.

All incoming Kinders will be learning the basic vocabulary and phrases needed in their target language to make this transition easy and fun!

Language instruction will include:

  • Greetings
  • The alphabet and vowels and their sounds. (The use of (ye) y, equivalent to the vowel i.)
  • Introduce numbers, colors and shapes.
  • Common high frequency words (el, la, veo, un, una, mi, es
  • Introductory questions such as, what is your name, what is your phone number, what is your address, where do you live, etc. Understand and use simple question words (e.g., who, where, what where, when, why how).
  • Family members and simple questions and answer for: where is your dad? He is at home. Where is your mother? She is in the park. Other vocabulary including my friend, my older/younger, etc.
  • School vocabulary- Understand and follow class directions:Open the book! Take out your pencil! Put away the book….the pencil, the scissors, the eraser, the chair, the paper, the ruler, etc.
  • Vocabulary for food- Understand and identify daily meals: breakfast,  lunch,  dinner, and foods like the bread, the milk, the soup, the vegetables, etc.
  • Introduce calendar, months, days and seasons..

Camp for Incoming 1 - 4 graders: the objective for students entering 1st - 4rd grade is to improve target language speaking, reading comprehension and writing by reinforcing the language skills learned during the school year. Campers are immersed in the target language by doing fun group projects and activities to become more familiar with the language and increase their vocabulary and fluency.
Daily reading sessions, story telling, reader's theater and review of high frequency words will improve student's reading and listening comprehension abilities
Campers will participate in traditional indoor and outdoor summer camp activities like cooking, games, theater, and much more to make learning an exciting experience while practicing their target language in a fun and relaxed environment. 


Check our Schedule, Prices and general information page for more details..