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Homework Club (HWC) provides a structured and safe environment for students to complete their homework in both target language and English with the help of qualified instructors.  HWC staff takes time and makes an effort to ensure that students understand all assignments they complete.

We encourage students to bring books in their target language to read after they have completed their homework. Math, cursive handwriting and crosswords puzzle sheets will be provided to students who finish their homework and do not have a book to read.

Parents Please Read HWC Details

HWC AT FRANKLIN MAGNET: Session I (8 weeks): Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from August 31 to October 26, 2017

We work with local teachers who have experience teaching foreign languages, or with Franklin Amity Interns who know what students are learning in class. Students are to meet interns/supervisor by the benches near the cafeteria. Contact HWC Supervisor Maria Robelo at robelomm@gmail.com, or text her 818-281-5617

Cost: One day/week: $91,    Two days/week: $182,    Three days/week: $273,   Walk-in fee: $13

Homework Club I (1 - 3 grades): Tue - Wed: 2:20 - 3:20 pm - Thu: 1:15 - 2:15 pm

Homework Club II (4 - 6 grades): Tue - Wed: 2:45 - 3:45 pm - Thu: 1:15 - 2:15 pm

Tuesday: Spanish, French, German      Wednesday: Spanish, French, Italian      Thursday: Spanish, French, Italian, German


HWC AT MUIR ELEMENTARY: Session I (8 weeks)

Contact HWC Supervisor Elizabeth Soleimany at mrs.soleimany@gmail.com

Cost: One day/week:

Homework Club I (1 - 3 grades): Tue - Wed: 2:30 - 3:30 pm

Homework Club II (4th - 5th grade): Tue - Wed: 2:50 - 3:50 pm 

Homework Club I and II meet at 1:15 on Thursdays.



The Lango Reading Program is an after school educational program where qualified tutors work with students in small groups. This program is offered for students in Kinder - 5 grades. The program will focus on the target language reading skills of the students by providing them with proven techniques to acquire comprehension skills and strategies to raise their reading comprehension level, in a pleasant, well-supervised environment. 

The teacher will individually asses your child, and together they will work on:

  • Phonics instruction and games
  • Independent reading practice
  • Comprehension building discussions
  • Reading enrichment activities
  • Vocabulary building

Students will be assessed to determine their level. Beginning readers start by mastering the initial sounds. First the vowels, the consonants, then they will learn to blend vowels with consonants, to form syllables. From syllables they will move to read phrases, paragraphs, and entire texts. Students who already know how to read will work on building comprehension skills to become a fluent and stronger reader.

Maximum class size is 8 students. This allows teacher to provide individual attention and at the same time promotes group discussions and activities. Students will be grouped by grade, each class is in a separate classroom.

Our program materials meet the needs of a wide range of students. The teacher provides individualized support and guidance based on your child's skill level and needs.



Parents please remind your child of the days they have to be in HWC or Reading Program. Parents are expected to pickup their children on time. Please make arrangements if you cannot be on time and inform us of any changes. If your child will be absent please contact  supervisor by email and remember that fees must still be paid if your child is not attending his/her day.

For HWC call or text 818-281-5617.

Please note that a late pick up fee will be applied to students who are picked up after our regular dismissal time. A fee of $2 per minute will be charged when you pick up your child 10 minutes after pick up time.Our teachers have other commitments after HWC, and we have to pay them when they stay late taking care of your child. If you are late, our teachers will also be late to their other classes!

Payments and Refunds

Online payments are added a small credit card processing fee. You can pay by check and avoid this fee. Make check payable to Lango and mail it to 444 Piedmont Ave. #338. Glendale, CA 91206. Franklin and Muir students can bring check to the school office in a sealed envelope with student's name on it.

Program  fees are due before the first day of each session

Once program has started and you decide to cancel, you will get a 50% refund when you cancel during the first week of class. No refunds will be given after the first week of attendance.

We plan our teachers and classrooms needs based on a certain number of registered students, and even if your student withdraws from the Clubs we still have to honor our commitments with teachers and facilities.

If for any reason Lango needs to cancel a session, you will get a full refund.

We reserve the right to cancel or combine classes that do not meet the minimum number of students required  to run a class.










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