Our Team


Hello! My name is María Zeledon, as the Area Director for Lango Foothills, my goal is to bring high quality as well as fun language classes for kids  and offer them at the most convenient locations for parents. 

Lango teachers make our classes truly exceptional. In our selection process, we look for five distinct qualities: native/bilingual fluency, limitless positive energy, creativity, teaching experience with relevant age groups and outstanding communication skills with both children and their parents. Beyond these qualities, though, our teachers bring unique cultural perspectives and professional backgrounds that enable them to create rich, engaging experiences in the classroom.  

I look forward to meeting you and your kids and share with you the Gift of Foreign Languages!

Meet the Lango Foothills team!

photo María Zeledon

I am a native Spanish speaker who grew up in Nicaragua, where I went to college and lived until 1994.  While working in New York in a diplomatic position,  I earned a MA in International Political Economy and Development at Fordham University. When I moved to California I started  teaching Spanish in elementary and high school, and this started my interest in foreign languages. Before starting Lango,  I completed a MA in Teaching the Spanish Language and its Culture from the University of Granada, in Spain. 

As a bilingual person myself, I know how difficult it is to learn a foreign language as an adult.  That's why I decided to teach Spanish to my kids at a very young age and now I'm proud to have raised my kids to be completely fluent in Spanish and aware of the benefits of being multilingual and multicultural.

I am thrilled to bring my passion for education, languages and cross-cultural understanding to children in this area through our language classes and summer camps.



photo Elizabeth Soleimany

 Hello! Hola! Salut! My name is Elizabeth Soleimany and am a native Spanish speaker, raised in California most of my life. I am of Spanish and French descent with integrated Latin traditions from Spain and Mexico. I speak fluent Spanish and conversational French and enjoy learning other languages too! I love traveling abroad and enjoy learning about other cultures and traditions. Most of all, I have a strong passion for teaching children of early childhood. For the past 20 years I have worked towards my degree in Child Development. I have also volunteered, tutored, and worked as an educator with the Glendale Unified School District in both English and in the Dual Immersion Spanish Flag Program at John Muir Elementary. I really enjoy working and incorporating fun hands on activities to make my learning environment an enjoyable and educational experience for children!

photo Jennifer Lu

Jennifer is a native Mandarin speaker from China, she is also fluent in Cantonese and English. Her formal education is in early childhood education  but with the need and interest arising in Mandarin she has turned her talents toward language. She has brought her innovative style of teaching language using songs, stories, dance, crafts and other fun activities to the classroom. Jennifer loves children and has taught as a preschool teacher in China and as a Mandarin teacher to elementary school children in upstate New York.


  Amity Intern

photo Maria Robelo

Hola! My name is Maria Robelo and I am native Spanish speaker.  I was raised in New York and Los Angeles, where the intersection of various cultures and languages peaked my interest.  In 2013, I graduated from UC Riverside with a degree in International Affairs. Since then I have worked assisting refugees in the citizenship process, college access for underserverd communities and now I am happy to working with Lango Foothills. I love children and the culutral exchange that programs like Lango offer! In Fall 2019, I will begin a Master's program in Educationa Counseling at USC and am excited to employ what I learn there at Lango.

photo Paola Kvammen

Hello, my name is Paola Kvammen. I was born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico, so needless to say I have spoken and studied Spanish ever since I can remember. I attended the “Universidad de Guadalajara” in Jalisco for my undergraduate degree in ESL. While attending that University I took classes covering subjects ranging from “Childhood Psychology” to “Teaching Spanish as a Second Language”. Even though I received my degree in ESL specifically targeted towards teaching kids, my time spent at the university taught me to be prepared for any teaching situation that might arise.
Traveling is surely one of my favorite activities because you get to meet and get to know new people. It is great to learn about new cultures and experience other ways of seeing the world. I enjoy volunteer work as a Spanish teacher and developing new programs for students. I also enjoy volunteering as a youth and recreational sports coach during the summers.
My favorite children's movie would have to be “Jumanji” starring the late Robin Williams and my favorite children's cartoon is “Aladin”, also starring the late Robin Williams.
Some activities that I enjoy doing at camp include singing, making arts and crafts and playing games that keep the students moving, active and engaged. Something funny about me is that everyone in my family loves Avocado, except me! I don't necessarily hate it or anything, but I happen to be allergic. I know, tragic... Holy guacamole!

photo Nathalie Gardner
photo Elena Gutierrez

Elena is a native Spanish speaker from Mexico with a BA in Hispanic Linguistics and Literature. I'm able to teach high levels of Spanish as a second language and share cultural aspects of the Hispanic world (Latinamerica and Spain). I also enjoy to teach Spanish language skills for travelers and anyone who might be interested in learning the language. I'm super patient with my students, and I also like to challenge myself always looking for new ideas and materials to teach. I have been teaching Spanish to children and adults for the past two years and I'm happy to be able share my language and culture through teaching.

photo Yvonne Bonilla

Hola, my name is Yvonne Bonilla,I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. My parents were from Guatemala, so geowing up I always spoke Spanish and learned who to speak, read and write it. I'm currently a student a Cal State Northridge and am ahomeschoolk mama. I enjoy teahing and especially giving children the ability to learn a new language. I'm teaching my own son Spanish because I truly believe having more than one language can open many doors and opportunities. Working with Lango has allowed me to see the fruit of what the children receive through out the year. Looking forward to working with your children in a fun and interactive class!

photo Denisse Vazquez

Denisse is a native speaker from Mexicali, Mexico. She is happily married and mother of 4 bilingual and bicultural children. Denisse graduated with a BS in Educational Psicology at the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, Mexico. She is a Montessori Guide and a member of the American Montessori Society, and was the director of her own Montesori Bilingual Preschool in Mexicali until this summer.  She also got certified in Catholic Education and also Training on Inclusion for authistic children. Denisse has 26 year of teaching experience with children and teens, and she is very happy to be teaching Spanish at Lango since our summer camp when she started teaching our Kinder students.

  Agata Gravante

Agata is a native Italian speaking art teacher who will be teaching our Italian classes and running HWC at Benjamin Franklin Elementary.

  Target Language Teacher