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Lango Camps


 2018 Lango Camps


 Spanish:  First Church of the Nazare (PazNaz), 3700 E Sierra Madre Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107

Spanish, French, Italian or German: Lutheran Church in the Foothills, 1700 Foothill Blvd. La Canada Flintridge, CA 91011

Camp Lango is a language immersion summer day camp where kids will have a blast while they learn a new language or practice their second or third language. For five hours every day your child will be playing, singing, cooking, working on art projects and theater, listening to stories, going on imaginary trips, dancing, listening, learning while having lots of fun ALL IN THE TARGET LANGUAGE!

Kids will be grouped by age and knowledge of the language. Each week ends with a celebration for parents, family and friends!

Special classes for incoming Kinders entering dual immersion programs, and for students in Dual Immersion Spanish, French, Italian and German. (See page for Immersion students)

Campers participate in daily immersion language classes by doing fun group projects and activities, to become more familiar with the language and increase their language acquisition skills. This develops understanding of the cultural aspects of the language, making learning an exciting experience.

Teachers design  their curriculum based on a country or region where the target language is spoken. 

A typical day’s schedule at Camp Lango. Each language follows a similar schedule that may vary according to the activities planned for the day and the weekly theme.

8:30 am    Free Early Drop-off begins

9:00 am    Check-In and Welcome Celebration: your mom, dad or caregiver checks you in with the counselor.

9:15 am    Groups , daily routine, dances and singing time.

9:30am     Language Instruction: target language lesson teaching through games, puppetry, music, movement and stories.

10:30am   Snack and outside games

11:00am   Weekly destination: you will learn interesting facts about the country of the week.

11:20am   Arts & Crafts : you work with your team to create art related to the camp theme. Somedays there willbe baking or cooking.

12:15pm   Lunch: your counselor will guide lunch in the target language

12:30pm    Resting time and games 

1:00 pm    Art Activity, Reader's Theater or Writing workshop

1:30 pm     Adventure Challenges: you will participate in different games/activities to review what you learned during the day.

2:00 pm    Parent pick up: You sing Lango's farewell song, say Adios! Au Revoir!  Zàijiàn! Ciao! or Tschüss!, Then help clean up, collect your things and your counselor checks you out.

At Camp Lango every week is a different adventure! Get your passport stamped! Take a trip without having to fly! Learn a new language while also enjoying other cultures: it's music, people, art, cuisine and traditions.


Spanish Camp Themes

 Week 1:  June 18 -22 (Pasadena)

Adventure  in  Space

Destination: Los Angeles, CA

 Learning about astronomy and star gazing is sure to be an adventure. You can turn off your flashlight for this make-believe trip, because we’ll be using the light of the moon and the stars. Los Angeles is known primarily for the other kind of stars (celebrities), but we will be learning about the ones in the sky.  The iconic Griffith Observatory makes LA  a worthwhile astronomical destination. Campers will explore the ancient world of space; from stars to planets and even black holes. We’ll make our own mini-galaxies, and play with space slime. It’s going to be out of this world!

Week 2:  June 25 - 29 (Pasadena)

Recycling Arts and Crafts Adventures

Destination: Guatemala

Guatemala, a country known for its lush jungles and beautiful volcanoes is also renowned for its artisanal work. Markets sell intricate textiles, woven with threads representing all shades of the rainbow. Pictures depicting the diverse landscape adorn homes. Campers will be turning trash into treasures when creating their very own Guatemalan crafts. This week your children will get inspired to reduce, reuse, and recycle!

Week 3:  July 9 -13 (La Canada Flintridge)

Adventure in the Jungle 

Destination: Panama

Panama is mostly known for the Panama Canal, but it has so much more to offer! Campers will learn about the tropical rain forest, the importance of recycling, keeping animals safe and caring about the environment.  Join our games, trivia contests, science experiments and have fun learning about sloth, iguanas, frogs, monkeys and butterflies!  Discover different types of food and drinks that originate in the rainforest! You definitely won’t want to miss out on the activities we have planned!

Week 4:  July 16 -20 (La Canada Flintridge)

Music and Movement Adventure

Destination: Puerto Rico

One of Puerto Rico’s most notable exports is its music. The lively beats of genres such as salsa and reggeton have quickly made their way to the American radio stations. We all love "Despacito" by Puerto Rican singers Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yanquee! Our campers will experiment with music, movement and creativity. They will learn about the music, dance, rhythms, and culture of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean..

Week 5:  July 23 – 27 (La Canada Flintridge)

Adventure in the City

Destination: Spain

We can’t wait to cross the pond to visit Spain. Campers will be traveling to the stunning cities of Madrid and Barcelona. In these cities, history is found in every corner. From world famous museums to centuries old cathedrals to modern day skyscrapers our campers will be exploring these cities while learning about important city vocabulary. We’ll be taking our campers into the kitchen and feasting on the delicious traditional tapas. Ole!

Week 6:  July 30 – August 3 (La Canada Flintridge)

Culinary and Cultural Adventures.

Destination: Mexico

Mexico is known for its beauty, culture and delicious food deeply rooted to its history.  Let's admire the landscapes, beaches and parks and try the delicious cuisine,  Want to learn about music and folklore? Let’s go to Plaza Garibaldi to listen to the mariachis. Art aficionado? ... let’s explore Coyoacán a rich pocket of art and history  with its many museums (including the Frida Khalo), cafés, bookstores and markets to uncover its history and embark on your own adventure. The breathtaking pyramids set amid what was once Mesoamerica’s greatest city are worth the visit alone!


French, Italian, and German Camp Themes

We are working, coming up with themes and lesson plans for our camps at both locations! Stay tuned!

Our campers we will cross the pond to visit Paris, Berlin, or Rome and have an adventure in these great cities. We will be visiting museums, monuments and cultural tourist sites. We will dive into lessons in French, Italian or German art and culture according to your destination city. Our campers will let their imagination fly to participate in different activities in their target language. You definitely don't want to miss out on the hands-on activities we have planned!