Pricing and General Info

Spanish, Mandarin, & French for Kids

Our classes offer a uniquely developed curriculum which tailors activities to suit the age group of their students. Read our class descriptions to find the right class for your child!

Lango offers a year-round program divided into 4 sessions: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer,  and Winter & Summer Camps. Each class session lasts 12 or 10 weeks depending on the school's schedule.  Classes meet once or twice a week for 50 minutes.

We bring classes to preschools, public and private elementary and middle schools. Our school based classes are offered only for students attending those schools.   We also offer classes open to the general public at other locations like city community centers and churches. Private classes are also available at student's houses.

Foreign language options:


Spanish has been our most requested language since the day we started offering classes. Parents in every Lango community tell us that they feel that Spanish offers practical and cultural relevance for our students.


Lango teaches French, another romance language, using a very similar teaching approach to our Spanish classes, focusing heavily on accent for its stickier pronunciation elements.


The popularity of Mandarin is growing heavily as China's influence grows in the U.S. and throughout the world. Lango has partnered with long-time Mandarin educators and curriculum developers to develop a curriculum that maintains our dynamic, playful approach while respecting the particular challenges of learning this language.



  • Regular group classes are $21 per class.
  • Payment must be completed before your child comes to the first class.
  • Some school based classes are offered at different prices. Call or email for details. 818 281 6288


  • Second & third sibling receive a 5% discount 
  • You will receive a $15 credit for each referred student who becomes a Lango Kid
  • You will receive $100 credit if you assist in establishing a Lango program at you child's preschool or elementary school

General information and policies:

All classes are subject to cancellation or change if we don't meet the minimum number of students to open up a class.

Refunds: full refunds are available only for classes cancelled by Lango. A $20 refund processing fee applies to cancellations one week before the beginning of classes. If after the first class you decide to cancel for any reason, you will receive a refund, less the cost of the materials packet if received opened, the cost of the classes attended and minus a $40 refund processing fee. This processing fee applies to your cash, check or credit card payments. This policy is because we plan our classes, teachers and materials based on a certain number of students. No refunds will be given after the second class

Payment: you can pay cash, check payable to Lango Languages, or with a credit card through our website. Your full tuition or monthly payment has to be paid before the first class, otherwise your child will not receive materials.

Make up class policy: as long as there is room, your child is welcome to make up any missed class by attending another class. Please check the schedule and let us know in advance that you will be attending another class. Refunds are not issued for missed classes.

Right to Combine Classes: all classes are subject to a minimum enrollment of 5 students. As such, we reserve the right to combine classes which do not have the sufficient number of registered children.  If your class is combined and you do not wish to attend a different class or location, you may receive a refund for the remainder of the session less the cost of materials.

Class Cancellation: if a class is cancelled for any reason, we will make our best effort to reschedule the class on another day to make it up. If a class is cancelled and another not added to the schedule then a full refund for the missed class will be given.