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We are working with local native speaking teachers of the target languages as well as with some of the interns to bring HWC to your children online through Zoom. In small groups divided by grade, we are offering students assistance to complete their homework and asnwer questions they may have related to the homework. We are also working in vocabulary building activities, reading and listening comprehension in the target language.

Sessions will run for 50 minutes, and your child can attend once a week or twice a week.

Cost: One day/week $105,  Twice a week $210 

If you don't see a time that works for your child, please email us at langokidslanguages@gmail.com or call 818-281-6288. We can try to accomodate the class day/time based on teacher's avalability.


Tuesday: Spanish, French      Wednesday: German, French, Italian      Thursday: Spanish, French, Italian, German

Session 4: April 21 - June 4

2:00PM Second grade Fourth & Fifth grade Second grade
3:00PM   First grade  


1:00PM Third grade Second grade Fourth grade
2:00PM First  grade First grade Fifth grade


1:30PM   First grade Second grade

1:00PM Second grade      
2:00 PM Third grade      
3:00PM Fourth grade      


GENERAL INFORMATION  Parents Please Read HWC Details

Parents please remind your child of the days they have to be in HWC. Parents are expected to pickup their children on time. Please make arrangements if you cannot be on time and inform us of any changes. If your child will be absent please contact  supervisor by email and remember that fees must still be paid if your child is not attending his/her day.

Please note that a late pick up fee will be applied to students who are picked up after our regular dismissal time. A fee of $1 per minute will be charged when you pick up your child 10 minutes after pick up time.Our teachers have other commitments after HWC, and we have to pay them when they stay late taking care of your child. If you are late, our teachers will also be late to their other classes!

Payments and Refunds

Online payments are added a small credit card processing fee. You can pay by check and avoid this fee. Make check payable to Lango Foothills LLC and mail it to 444 Piedmont Ave. #338. Glendale, CA 91206.

Program  fees are due before the first day of each session

Once program has started and you decide to cancel, you will get a 50% refund when you cancel during the first week of class. No refunds will be given after the first week of attendance.

We plan our teachers and classrooms needs based on a certain number of registered students, and even if your student withdraws from the Clubs we still have to honor our commitments with teachers and facilities.

If for any reason Lango needs to cancel a session, you will get a full refund.

Behavior Concerns 

We expect every student to interact with others in a respectful, safe, kind, and responsible way.  We find that we are able to deal with vast majority of behavior challenges simply and quickly, and without involving anyone but the student and his/her teacher. But we know that kids can be kids, and we cannot tolerate disruptive behavior in class, therefore, in severe or recurring situations we may need to contact parents. If, after the Parent-Teacher conference, the issue persists or a separate, very serious issue, arises the student may be expelled from HWC. No refunds are provided for expulsion from HWC.


We reserve the right to cancel or combine classes that do not meet the minimum number of students required  to run a class.










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